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The exclusive dealer of Braun Ambulances in Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn, Queens, Rockland, & West Chester counties in New York

Braun Industries is known as the premier ambulance manufacturer. For over 45 years, they have built high quality, highly customized Type 1 and Type 3 ambulance models. Leading by model name, their lineup includes the Express Plus, Liberty, Super Chief, Signature Series, Chief XL, Express, and TLC models. All models are designed, engineered, and manufactured in their 105,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Van Wert, Ohio. Their units are truly, “Built for Life“, having conducted the industry’s first crash testing that featured a side impact and rollover on the same ambulance. They are an exceptional brand to refurbish and remount for longevity and lower lifetime cost-of-ownership. If you want the best ambulance, you want a Braun ambulance.

Supporting parts of the Hudson Valley and Long Island, Castle Emergency Vehicles offer sales and service for Braun ambulances, as well as remounts. The Chief XL is a popular model in the area, providing value, comfort, and safety for both patient and crew. Learn more about Braun ambulances below, or contact us so we can help find the right model for your needs. Braun can customize any unit to meet your exact specifications.

We offer the full line of Braun Type 1 and Type 3 ambulances.

The Braun Express Plus is a great Type 1 ambulance option. The fully customizable 150″ module features 72″ of headroom and provides both private and municipal customers with an ambulance that fits their needs and wants. 

The Braun Liberty model is a base unit that allows you to pick and choose the options that are most important to your EMS personnel. It is an excellent choice for a fully customizable Type 1 ambulance with all the best of Braun.

Super Chief

The Super Chief is a premier Type 1 ambulance in the industry. Safer, larger, and more convenient than other emergency vehicles on the market, the roomy interior has over 73 inches of headroom. 

The Signature Series is a direct result of customer requests and is pre-engineered and pre-configured. It is an award-winning ambulance that delivers the best of Braun’s quality, safety, and innovation at an great price.

The Chief XL ambulance model provides the optimum in room, storage, and comfort – and has one of the highest usable payloads. This Type 1 or Type 3 ambulance is available on a variety of chassis.

Often referred to as the best little “bus” in the business, the Braun Express ambulance model has established a solid reputation overtime. This Type 3 ambulance is a workhorse for private organizations and municipalities.

The TLC is a collection of the best features and design configurations found in over thirty CCT units delivered to Braun customers. Allowing for full customization, the TLC is a standard model for agencies seeking the best of Braun in critical care patient transportation.

Price: $240,000

Year: 2019

Make: Braun

Model: Chief XL

Chassis: Ford F-450 2×4

Don't need a custom ambulance?

Cut down on lead time and cost with a demo ambulance from Braun. They have a wide selection of in-stock units ready for delivery. You can even claim a unit while it’s still in production!